Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Woman Leaves Her Car Running So Her Dogs Can Stay Cool, and They Crash It Into a Walmart

We applaud this woman for taking steps to make sure her dogs didn’t die in a hot car. And we applaud these dogs for thanking her in such a perfect way. A woman who’s in her late 70s went to a Walmart in Wayne, West Virginia on Friday with her two dogs in the car. She left the car running while she went inside so her dogs could stay cool with the air conditioning. But one of the dogs managed to shift it into drive, and the car plowed straight into Walmart. Then the other dog rolled down one of the windows. This needs to be a circus act. Fortunately, no one was hurt, the dogs were okay, and there wasn’t much damage to the car or the building since the dogs were going really slowly when they hit it. The woman was able to drive the car home and she’s not going to be facing any charges. Get more here.

A Guy Was Found Naked In Historic Home, Drinking Pina Colada Mix

James Duke Vanwright saw a perfectly good home sitting vacant and decided he’d make it his own. The only problem is the uninhabited home is actually a historical home, and the caretakers weren’t very keen on James moving in. Around 11pm on a Tuesday the security officer that gaurds the home called police to report a break in. When police arrived they found James naked, drinking a bottle of Pina Colada mix that he’d stolen from the refridgerator of the home. James tried to tell police that it was his family home, and it had been left to him. He was arrested on a Second Degree Felony of burglary of a habitation. James has a long rap sheet, including sexual assault of a child, and attempted arson. Because of his priors, James could get up to life in prison. Get more here.

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