Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Man Goes Crazy on His Wife For Making His Grilled Cheese Too Cheesy

Everyone is wound so tight these days that sometimes even good things make us explode. There’s a 55-year-old guy in Athens, Georgia named James De Paola, and last week, his 51-year-old wife Michelle made him a grilled cheese sandwich. But she used three pieces of cheese instead of two like he was used to, and that made the sandwich too cheesy for him. So, he flipped out. He started shouting in Michelle’s face and spitting. She says he has a history of being violent, so she had their nine-year-old daughter call the cops. And as she was doing it, James ripped the phone out of the wall. He was arrested for obstruction of a 911 call and criminal trespassing. Get more here.

Fight At a Waffle House Ends With Two Men Thrown Though a Window

We can’t stress this enough, nothing good happens at a Waffle House after 2am. Last Friday night, at an Atlanta Waffle House, a brawl broke out and police were called. By the time they arrived, the window of the restaurant was shattered, and there was a group of people surrounding a man. The man had a deep cut on his arm, so officers treated him and tried to get the story out of the crowd. Apparently the fight started when Dominique Slaton laughed. Yes, that’s all it took to set off this violent brawl. Dominique says a woman she didn’t know got upset when she laughted and attacked her. Dominique said “She bucked on me so I fought back.” After that the boyfriends got involved, and chaos ensued. Somehow they went through the window, both men had to be hospitalized for their injuries and one even required surgery. Charges haven’t been filed yet, but are almost certainly on the way. Get more here.

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