Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Kentucky Couple Driving Drunk Were Attacked By Bees

We love an instant Karma story! We love it even more when it involves bees, and Kentucky accents. Noah Elkins and Priscilla Simpson really wanted to go swimming in the ol’ swimmin’ hole.  So they jumped into their pink Geo Traker, (no, we’re not kidding) and started looking for a good hole to swim in. The problem was that Noah and Priscilla were drunk, and high, while trying to drive. It didn’t end well for them, as impaired driving rarely does, and they ended up crashing into a pole. Here’s where it gets good, in that pole was a massive beehive, and the bees didn’t take too kindly to being hit by a pink Geo Traker. The immediately swarmed the couple, and started stinging them. The couple started running and begged a bystander for help, Gary Lee Anderson tried to spray the bees off with his hose.  He later gave an interview to the local news, and that may be the best part of the story:

The couple was taken to the hospital, and once released will face DUI charges, and possibly other charges. Get more here.

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