Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Thieves Rob Convenience Store at Gun Point, Take Only Honey Buns

When the craving for something sweet hits you, and you just gotta have it, you make a trip to the convenience store and satisfy that craving! That’s what these 2 men did, but they must have left their wallets home. The two men entered a Citgo in Detroit, pulled a gun and held the security guard and cashier at gun point while they took what they wanted. But they didn’t want cash, or lotto tickets, they didn’t want booze or cigarettes, they wanted snake cakes. Specifically, they wanted 3 packages of Honey Buns. They gathered the packages and left. Thankfully no one was hurt, but police are still trying to catch the thieves. They are armed and dangerous, and full of sugar. Get more here.

Man Goes on Honeymoon Without His Wife Because She Forgot Her Passport

Two days before Faizan and Sana Patel were supposed to go on their romantic honeymoon, Sana lost her passport. She searched in a panic for tow days, but didn’t find it. So honeymoon cancelled, right? Nope! Faizan went without her, Sana even took him to the airport.

The honeymoon is 2 weeks, and Sana has been working as hard as possible to get her paperwork in order so that she can join her husband on the second week.



feature image by Mike Mozart

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