Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Cottonwood Police Respond to Bank Robbery That Turns Out to Be a Movie Shoot

Employees at Brighton Bank in Cottonwood Heights called police yesterday after hearing shouts and what they thought might be shots. Police responded immediatly, to find the bank wasn’t being robbed, but that the business next door seemed to be. So they responded with 10 officers, surrounded the building and contained the scene. Officers were using long guns to target the suspects. Then they realized something else was going on. The group of “burglars” were actually just filming a scene for a movie they were making. The actors had guns, and shouted ‘Everybody get down! Get on the ground! This is a robbery! Put all the money into the bag!’ for the scene. They didn’t inform the neighboring businesses or the police that they would be staging a fake crime, and it almost cost them their lifes. Police are warning others not to fake a crime of any sort without first notifying officials. Get more here.

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