Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Jenny Davies Thinks She Can Outrun Usain Bolt

You probably saw the infamous pizza video, posted by Jenny Davies’ boyfriend Brad Holmes. In the video she tell him she wants her pizza cut into 8 slices because she can’t eat 12. The video goes on for several minutes and Jenny never grasps the fact that it’s the exact same amount of pizza. Well they’re back and this time, Jenny thinks she can beat the world record for the 100 meter sprint. Check it out:

Florida Man Arrested For Shooting Gun Into Air While Driving Drunk

Anytime a headline stars with Florida, you know it’s gonna be crazy. This time, a Cape Coral man Christopher Nicholas Benetatos, was drunk by 6:30pm. But he decided he would drive anyway, he started swerving all over the road, while driving 10 mph under the speed limit. People started calling the police, but Chris had more stupid left in him. He pulled out a gun and began firing shots into the air as he drunkenly swerved around. Police were able to stop him, they found 3 guns in the vehicle. Chris was so drunk that he was unable to stand upright or speak coherently to the officer. He refused to take a sobriety test, but it really wasn’t needed. He is facing charges of discharging a firearm from a vehicle in public, Carrying a concealed firearm, and DUI. Get more here.

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