Stupid Is, Stupid Does

80-Year-Old Man Chases Down Bike Thieves

We hope to have an eighth of this guy’s energy at 80 years old! Jerry Sebranke had ridden his bike to the bank like he does often, but, this time, while he was standing in line, he looked out the window to find thieves stealing his bike. Jerry says he couldn’t just sit back and watch them steal his bike, so he ran after them. The thieves started driving away, but Jerry jumped on the back of the truck. Eventually, Jerry had to bail from the truck, at a high speed. He sustained minor injuries and was checked out in the hospital. This is where things get crazy; while being checked for internal injuries doctors found a blockage in Jerry’s heart. If he hadn’t chased the bike thieves he may have never discovered the blockage, and it would have cost him his life. Jerry credits the thieves with saving his life, saying “If I catch them, I’m going to have a discussion about what their purpose in life is.” The bank employees bought Jerry a new bike and threw him a party. Get more here.

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