Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Cut a Tree Down Onto His Own Apartment

A guy in Pennsylvania got angry because his neighbor’s tree kept dripping sap on his car. So he cut down the tree with a chainsaw, and it fell right on his own apartment. The guy’s name is Raymond Mazzarella. The tree was at least 50 feet tall, with a 36-inch-thick trunk. The building was so damaged that it was condemned, leaving 5 people homeless. When a neighbor saw Raymond trespassing on the property later that night, he confronted him. Raymond responded by punching his neighbor, who then pulled out a stun gun to protect himself, as Raymond started swinging a baseball bat at him. Police were on the way and Raymond was arrested and charged with assault and harassment, and he’ll likely face property damage charges as well. Get more here.

Fight on a Payson Golf Course

A man and his wife were playing golf in Payson when they caught up to the group in front of them. Golf etiquette states that if you’re playing slower than the group behind you, you let them ‘play through’. So when Lee Johnson and his wife caught up to the group, they asked to play through, but the group refused. The clubhouse staff came out to resolve the issue, and the two groups played on. But then Lee and his wife caught up with the group again. Lee and his wife thought the clubhouse made it clear that they were allowed to play though but the group again would not let them. That’s when things got physical and Lee produced a pocket knife and stabbed one of the group members. The remaining members of the group tackled and held Lee until police arrived. The victim was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries while Lee was arrested. Get more here.

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