Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Juveniles Damage 31 Vehicles During Vandalism ‘Demolition Derby’

Some teenage boys cut a hole in the fence of the secured lot where vehicles were being stored, burglarized some of the cars and stole the keys to several others. They then intentionally crashed them into other vehicles in “what must have appeared to be a demolition derby,” the sheriff’s office said. A total of 31 cars and trucks were damaged during the vandalism and the damages are estimated at more than $225,000. Some of the vehicles were damaged beyond repair. A few of the juveniles returned to the auto body yard Friday “for a second heat,” but were detained by an employee. “We think that what happened is that they probably went back bragging to their friends, talking about what had happened, and then proceeded to try to come back and do the same thing again,” Findlay said. Get the full story here.

Man Leaves His ID in His Vehicle After a Hit and Run

Russell Lamar Roberts, 25, was charged with driving with a suspended license and leaving the scene of a crash. Roberts’ black Chevrolet crashed into a white Mazda. Roberts exited his vehicle and ran from the scene, troopers said. Witnesses in the area attempted to stop Roberts, but he jumped a fence and ran away from the scene. As troopers investigated , they noticed Roberts’ wallet was left inside the vehicle with his driver’s license inside. He was later located in Orlando by an Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputy “on the floor and lying in his own blood.” Roberts said he couldn’t recall why or how he was involved in the crash or why he left the scene. Roberts was medically released and taken to jail. Get the full story here.


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