Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Was Busted For Breaking Into Cars When He Fell Asleep in One

Apparently, this guy isn’t familiar with the concept of adrenaline. A 35-year-old guy named Matthew Stewart broke into an auto shop in Harrodsburg, Kentucky last week, and started breaking into all the cars inside. First, he stole some stuff. And then, he took a nap inside one of the cars. Well, less of a nap and more of a good night’s sleep. The employees got there the next morning, found him sleeping, and called the cops. So they came and woke Matthew up, and then arrested him. He’s been charged with theft, criminal mischief, and trespassing. Get more here.

A Man Blames His Room Full of Syringes on Diabetes But Didn’t Do His Research

The cops in Fort Walton Beach, Florida were pretty sure a 32-year-old guy named Michael Cox was having people over to his motel room to do drugs earlier this week. And when they busted in, they found a bunch of syringes all over the place. But he explained those weren’t for drugs, he had diabetes. Unfortunately, that excuse unraveled when they asked him what type of diabetes, and he couldn’t answer. Oh, and they also found a bunch of meth in a hidden compartment in a Pringles can. He was arrested. Get more here.

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