Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Buys a Woman a Drink, Then Texts Her Two Weeks Later Asking Her to Pay Him Back

An 18-year-old woman named Abby Fenton was at a club in Sheffield, England a few weeks ago, and met a guy named Liam. He offered to buy her a drink, and she got a vodka and Coke (18 is the legal drinking age in Great Britain). Then they talked for a few minutes, exchanged numbers, and went their separate ways. Well, two weeks later, Abby got a text from Liam, asking her to pay him back for the drink. He wanted $9 for it And she was so surprised, she actually sent him the money. She’s also pretty sure that was the cost of both their drinks, not just hers. But she sent him the money anyway. Then she posted a screenshot of their text conversation on Twitter, so now it’s going viral. Get more here.

A Guy Dumps Beer on an Accordion Player at Oktoberfest in Ohio, Then Pretends He Only Speaks German

Is it possible that Oktoberfest in Cleveland is rowdier than Oktoberfest in Munich? It’s not the worst reputation to cultivate. A 33-year-old guy from Akron, Ohio was at Cleveland’s Oktoberfest last week drinking beer, when for some reason he dumped a beer on an accordion player. The cops got involved and the guy told them he’s been to Oktoberfest in Germany, and everyone throws beer on each other there. He was speaking in both English and German until they told him he might go to jail, and then he stopped speaking English and pretended he only knew German. Ah yes, the old “confused foreigner” defense. Rarely works, but worth a shot. He was arrested for disorderly conduct. Get more here.

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