Stupid Is, Stupid Does

An Argument Over Children’s Bedtime Got Violent

It’s fairly common for grandparents to give their children parental advice. It’s always well-meaning, and let’s face it, they’re usually right. Well, Candace Sellers was just plain sick of her mother telling her how to parent. The argument started when Candace was having a hard time getting her kids to go to bed, at that point her mother told her the kids needed an earlier bedtime. That was it for Candace, she was furious, so she threw a framed picture at a china cabinet. That’s no so bad, but that’s not where it ended. Candace got physical, hitting her mother in the head, ripping out some of her hair and hitting her with a ceramic vase. Police found blood, hair, and ceramic pieces on the floor of the home. Candace’s children witnessed their mother beating their grandmother. Candace was arrested and charged with aggravated Battery and Cruelty towards children. Get more here.

Cleveland Woman Arrested for DUI Twice in One Day

For some reason 48-year-old Dawn Kvasnicka was drunk at 9:25 a.m. on a Tuesday. She decided to drive, and shortly after she got behind the wheel people began calling to report an erratic driver. Dawn was arrested after failing a field sobriety test, her blood-alcohol level was .383, which is nearly 5 times the legal limit. Obviously, she was arrested, officers released her into the custody of a friend a few hours later. Here’s where it gets really stupid, at 2:47 p.m. calls about an erratic driver started pouring in again. Officers pulled over the vehicle and guess who it was? Yep, it was Dawn. The streets she was swerving and speeding down are close to schools. Thankfully no one was hurt. They arrested Dawn once again and now she is facing charges, including fifth-degree felony drug charges for attempting to bring an illegal substance into the jail. Get more here.

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