Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Two Brothers Fight in a Front-End Loader Versus Crane Battle

You know your sibling rivalry is out of control when punches won’t cut it anymore, and you have to turn to heavy machinery. 54-year-old Peter Emanuel of Bow, New Hampshire owns a recycling company with his brother Stanley. And last week they got into such a big fight that while Stanley was in a crane, Peter got in a front-end loader, and used it to tip the crane over. Fortunately, Stanley jumped out just in time, so he wasn’t hurt. And Peter was arrested for attempted assault, criminal mischief, and resisting arrest. Get more here.

A Bunch of High School Students Brawled at an In-N-Out

Some High School kids in Las Vegas really need to get a hobby. The students were from rival schools, who had just finished watching a football game between the schools. Some of the kids decided to go to In-N-Out and another nearby restaurant Raising Cane. The problems started when a group of the students from nearby Arbor View were standing in the parking lot, blocking the entryway. A vehicle approached and honked at the group to get them to move. Instead, the kids jumped on the car and began harassing the passengers. Somehow the brawl between the rival schools continued in the In-N-Out, police came and of course, the kids scattered. However, it’s 2016 and every single bit of that brawl was caught on video. The police are currently tracking down each kid from the video and several will face serious charges. One girl was badly injured and had to be hospitalized. Get more here.

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