Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Carjacker Felt Bad About His Crime and Asked His Victim For a Hug

36-year-old Nicholas Forman needed a ride, so he asked Garrett Loughry to drive him to Wendy’s. That’s not an unreasonable thing for a man to ask his friend to do. Except Garrett doesn’t know Nicholas from Adam. So he declined, and told Nicholas he wasn’t going to give him a ride. Well, Nicholas didn’t think that was very nice, so he got into the backseat of the car anyway. When Garrett told him to get out, he threatened him with a gun. Garrett knew he was being car jacked, so he obeyed Nicholas’s demands, and drove where he told him to. When they reached the destination, Nicholas asked Garrett if he could buy some beer from him, bravely Garrett said no. Nicholas then got out of the car and asked Garrett to get out so he could hug him, remembering that Nicholas was armed, Garrett obliged and hugged his carjacker. After he left, Garrett called police and reported the crime. They tracked Nicholas down pretty quickly, he was arrested and charged with carjacking with a firearm/deadly weapon and carrying a concealed weapon/firearm. They also found a hunting knife on him. Get more here.

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