Stupid Is, Stupid Does

 A Judge Ordered A Brick Wall To Be Built In a Divorcing Couple’s Home

Divorce isn’t pretty, it’s awful for everyone involved and it’s especially bad when the couple fights tooth and nail for their joint assets. Well, Russian couple Margarita and Sergey Tsvitnenko are going through a seriously ugly divorce. The couple is well off and together they own a beautiful home in a Moscow suburb. Neither wanted to give up the house, and the courts were sick of hearing them bicker. So they ordered that a brick wall put up in the center of the house, dividing it into 2 equal sides. The problem was that the stairs were on Sergey’s side and the kitchen was on Margarita’s side. The court gave Margarita a time limit to build her own staircase, but she claims they came in early and put up the wall before she finished construction. At the time Margarita had a guest staying upstairs and she was literally bricked in. They had to call emergency services to get her out of the top story. The sad part of the story is that they have a 12-year old and a teenager. If there weren’t pictures, we’d never believe it! Get more here.

Drunk Driver Hits Firetruck and Helicopter

Medics had arrived at the scene of a horrible rollover accident in Gallup, New Mexico. The passenger was in critical condition and it was clear they needed to be airlifted. EMT’s were stabilizing the patient as the helicopter landed. At that point, officers on the scene were dealing with any traffic that might be affected by the accident, which had closed the road. Officers saw a car approach and flashed their lights warning the driver to stop. But the jeep, driven by 26-year-old Glenn Livingston, was not slowing down. Instead, the driver tried to drive around the accident, narrowly missing two bystanders. But he ended up plowing into both the fire truck and the helicopter. Now the helicopter was unusable and they still had a patient in critical condition. Luckily, the patient made it to the hospital stable. Glenn was charged with aggravated DWI and having an open container of alcohol. Get more here.

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