Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Utah Man Steals 7 Cars, High Jacks 3 People, Leads Police on Chase Across 2 Counties

It all started when Stephen White, 30, of Magna, broke into an impound lot in American Fork. “(He) had broken into the impound lot and stole his own vehicle out of the lot,” American Fork Police Lt. Sam Liddiard said. From there White went to a home in Pleasant Grove, where he got into a domestic dispute with an undisclosed person, and then stole a second vehicle. White drove back to American Fork and crashed that vehicle in a parking lot, where he found a man sitting in his car, and high-jacked him. “Mr. White pulls a box cutter out of his pocket and swings it at him, slashes him across the chest with a box cutter, cuts through his jacket, two shirts, and (he) has a superficial wound across his chest down to his abdomen,” Liddiard said. That car was then found abandoned at the nearby Value Place Motel in American Fork. White stole another car from there and drove it to Lehi where he abandoned that vehicle and took yet another vehicle that was left running outside a business. He then drove that car to Bluffdale, where he stole a large dump truck with a trailer attached. Because of the size of the dump truck, it was impossible for police patrol cars to end the chase with a PIT maneuver. The truck was finally brought to a stop in Magna, by tire spikes. But White refused to exit the vehicle, police threw tear gas into the cab of the truck, forcing White out. But he didn’t stop there. Surrounded by police, White decided to run for it. He was tackled by police, but continued resisting. It took several officers to get him handcuffed. White has a long history of criminal activity. Get the full story here.

A Woman Gets Into a Car Crash and Keeps Drinking While Paramedics Treat Her

41-year-old Tricia Kight of Virginia Beach, Virginia was drunk back in October, and driving home from a beer run when she crashed into another car. So paramedics came to the scene to treat her and the person she hit. And while they started working on treating her serious leg injuries, she started drinking a beer.  Then a cop managed to pry it out of her hand, so she just reached down and grabbed another one. The person she hit wound up with a serious neck injury, she has screws and plates in her neck and will have permanent physical limitations as a result of the crash. Tricia was just sentenced to a year in prison. After prison she will have to go to rehab and attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings three times a week. Get the full story here.


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