Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Woman Stabbed Her Husband For Stinking Up the Bathroom

Apparently there’s a 34-year-old guy in Otaku, Japan with terribly smelly poop, and it drove his 29-year-old wife, Emi Mamiya, crazy. She finally had enough earlier this week, and when she caught a whiff after one of his particularly rancid trips to the bathroom, she stabbed him in the face with a knife. He went to the hospital with a huge gash on his left cheek, and she was arrested. She told the police she was also upset that he tried to help their three-year-old son use the toilet without washing his hands first.  Plus, she didn’t want her kid in there, quote, “The toilet stinks so much that the child cannot even use it.” Get the full story here.

Price Police Found Meth & Heroin During a Shoplifting Investigation

A call about a suspected shoplifter led to the discovery Tuesday of a substantial amount of methamphetamine and heroin, according to Price police. Officers were called to a business after a man stole merchandise and drove away in a red Pontiac G6, Price Police Chief Kevin Drolc said. They found the vehicle in a nearby parking lot and inside, in plain site were the items that had been reported stolen as well as some drug paraphernalia, the chief said. Officers found the man. who gave them consent to search his car and they discovered a lock box that held 27.1 grams of methamphetamine, 4.1 grams of heroin and several loose pills. Jason Francis Ori, 33, was booked into the Carbon County Jail for investigation of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, felony retail theft and possession of drug paraphernalia. Get the full story here.


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