Stupid Is, Stupid Does


A Burglar Is Caught Because of His Crocs

21-year-old Roland Grace of Fairbanks, Alaska broke into a restaurant a few weeks ago, and stole about $400 from the cash register.  But police found some clear footprints at the scene, and they were from a pair of Crocs. They brought in a bunch of suspects to interview, including Roland.  And when he showed up at the station,  he was wearing the same pair of Crocs. The cops matched them with the footprint, and he admitted to the burglary. So he was arrested, and charged with a few other local burglaries too. Get the full story here.

A Guy With Two Wives Was Busted, Thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge

36-year-old Andrew O’Clee of Surrey, England got married to his wife Michelle back in 2008.  But he started having an affair with a younger woman named Philippa in 2011, and married her too. His cover story to Michelle was that his company was involved in a fraud case, and he had to go away for long stretches for witness protection.  Meanwhile, he was actually going to a house where he lived with Philippa. But his scheme fell apart last summer, thanks to the ice bucket challenge.  He took the challenge from one of Philippa’s relatives, but Michelle randomly saw the video on Facebook. She started digging, and found out about his secret family.  Meanwhile, she’d just had her first child with him. He was just sentenced to eight months in jail for bigamy.  Michelle is divorcing him, but Philippa says she plans on staying with him. Get the full story here.


featured image by John Shepherd

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