Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Drunk Man Searching for Soup Ends up Pantsless, Stuck in a Ventilation Shaft

Ivan Ozerov from Russia got really drunk, and hungry. When he smelled soup, he went searching for it and thought he’d located the smell coming from a ventilation shaft, so why not just go through it?  So he did, and then he got stuck behind a wall. Although a fire crew rescued him unharmed, Ozerov’s freedom cost him his pants and his dignity. The rescue team deemed the 14-inch-wide shaft “not suitable for an adult,” so they wacked the wall with sledgehammers until they were able to extract the man feet-first. Get the full story here.

A Woman Rammed a Pizza Hut with Her Car, Because Her Pizza Wasn’t Ready

People in New York take pizza pretty seriously; sometimes too seriously. 31-year-old Daisy Manzo ordered online from a Pizza Hut in New Rochelle, New York on Sunday, just north of Manhattan.  Then she went to pick it up, but they said the order never came through. Now, it’s not clear if it was a website glitch, or if Daisy just thought she finished placing the order but didn’t.  We’re guessing the second one. But she was so angry about her lack of pizza that she stormed out, got in her Volkswagen Jetta, rammed the front DOORS of the place, then drove off. Both of the glass doors were smashed, and it’s not clear how much damage she did to her car.  But police eventually caught up with her, and she’s facing charges for criminal mischief. Get the full story here.

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