Stupid Is, Stupid Does


Two People Are Arrested For Illegal Possession of Both Meth and a Squirrel

The police in Bedford, Indiana raided a home last week after they got a tip that it was a drug house, and it was.  But that wasn’t the only illegal thing going on inside. During the raid, the cops found meth, heroin, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, guns, cash, and a squirrel.  Yes, these horrible criminals were also illegally keeping a pet squirrel. 51-year-old Shelia Phillipe and 53-year-old Bradley Bundy were both arrested on a ton of drug possession charges, some firearms charges, and possession of a wild animal without a permit. Just to make it even stranger, they also had a lot of ginsing in the house, and they were charged with possession of ginseng out of season.  Apparently Indiana has some strange laws. Get the full story here.

Two Men Stole a Truck Containing $1M Worth of Shoes

The truck was reported stolen from Oregon, and an attempt to locate the vehicle was sent by police to the surrounding states. Utah Highway Patrol said the drivers allegedly tried to block the GPS signal the truck was sending out, but the trucking company was able to track it to Utah. The stolen truck was located by Utah Highway Patrol troopers at a Texaco truck stop in Box Elder County. The semitrailer was full of 5,820 pairs of Keen Shoes estimated at more than $1 million, UHP said. Juan Carlos Andino-Mejia, age 24, of Los Angeles, a citizen of Honduras, and Marlon Emilio Vasquez-Garcia, age 45, of Los Angeles, a citizen of El Salvador, were arrested at the scene. Get the full story here.

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