Stupid Is, Stupid Does

“The Price Is Right” Awarded a Treadmill to a Woman in a Wheelchair

A woman named Danielle Perez won two prizes on “The Price Is Right” yesterday: a treadmill and a sauna.  The only problem is, Danielle lost her legs in an accident ten years ago, and uses a wheelchair. Naturally that made it awkward when the prizes were revealed, but Drew Carey didn’t address it, although he seemed to speed through the pricing game.  Danielle didn’t address it either, but she’s been Tweeting about it. She said they don’t offer cash equivalents, and the sauna isn’t wheelchair accessible.  Obviously it was all an unfortunate coincidence, but some people think the show should’ve made sure it didn’t happen. Luckily Danielle threw water on the ‘outrage.’  She Tweeted, quote, “Oh come on!  Isn’t it the most hilarious though?  If winning it was wrong, I don’t want to be right.  I’m still cracking up.” She also Tweeted a screenshot of her reaction on the show, with the caption, quote, “When you win a treadmill on national TV, but you have no feet.” Get the full story here.

Drunk Utah Man Stole a Semi and Tried to Run Over it’s Owner

Uintah County Sheriff’s Deputies said they were called about a stolen semi in Vernal. 44-year-old Edward W. Ford III wandered onto a man’s property and stole a semi parked near a few other vehicles.  The owner heard the semi driving away and ran outside just as Ford was pulling onto the road, the owner then jumped in a car and followed his truck. He was able to position his car in front of the semi to try to block Ford from getting away. At that point the owner and passenger got out of their car, stood in front of the semi and Ford allegedly tried to run over them. Ford got away in the semi but officers later found he had crashed the truck into a tree and a fence. Authorities said Ford left the truck and ran into a field where officers later found him and took him into custody. Officials said Ford was intoxicated when they took him in; his alcohol level was four times the legal limit. He was booked into the Uintah County Jail on charges of vehicle theft, aggravated assault, DUI and other driver’s license violations. Get the full story here.


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