Stupid Is, Stupid Does

man sitting on a lawnmower

A Guy Steals a Riding Mower From Walmart by Driving It Right Off the Lot

This isn’t the most effective way to steal a riding lawn mower, but it’s definitely the most efficient. 49-year-old Gursham Gillett of Cozad, Nebraska went to a Walmart on Wednesday and stole a riding mower by hopping on, and driving it right off the lot. He just had to take a quick pause to use some bolt cutters to cut himself a hole in a chain link fence. Once he made it out, he started driving the mower home, but those things don’t go that fast. He only made it about 10 miles before the cops spotted him and arrested him for felony theft. Get the full story here.

West Jordan Man Walking with No Pants in a Neighborhood Full of Children

Christian Joachim Andersen, of West Jordan regularly strips down to just a t-shirt and walks his dog in his neighborhood filled with junior high students. “It definitely freaks me out,” says Jacki Brunson who lives across the street from Andersen and has three children all under the age of eight. “Definitely want to get the kids in the house away from him.” West Jordan Police say Andersen seemed to be aware the affect he was having on people who saw him walking naked in the streets. “The children were walking by and the kids were walking to the other side of the street trying to avoid this man, as he was just smiling at the kids,” said Roberts. Police also said when they arrived, Andersen was drunk and threatened officers when he was arrested. “You’re going to die (expletive),” is what he allegedly told an officer and “Some (expletive) is going to shoot you in the head.” Andersen is charged with three counts of lewdness, threats against life or property, and public intoxication. Get the full story here.

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