Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Blows Off Steam by Crashing His Truck Through His Own House

A guy named John Jones Jr. was at his house outside Atlanta on Thursday, arguing with his wife on the phone. It’s not clear what the fight was about.  But when they hung up, he needed to blow off some steam.  So he got in his truck, and plowed it through their house. He started in their backyard, crashed through one wall, drove through their living room, crashed through another wall, and ended up in their front yard. No one else was home, so no one got hurt. And he told the local news he doesn’t regret it, because he’s a contractor who’s been out of work for a year-and-a-half.  So at least he has a project to work on now. No word on how his wife reacted.  Apparently they’ve been trying to sell the house for a while, but haven’t been able to.  And now it needs a whole new living room, so she probably wasn’t thrilled. But the good news is police aren’t charging John with a crime, because technically it’s not illegal to drive a truck through your own house. Get the full story here.

Fugitive Arrested After Returning To Crime Scene For Hat

Otha Montgomery, 18, eluded officers when they tried to stop him after he ran a red light. Montgomery sped up and turned on to an adjacent street. He pulled into a driveway, bailed from the car and ran, police said. A man in the passenger’s seat gave police Montgomery’s description, including the black baseball cap he was wearing. Investigators stopped a man walking near Glen Drive, but he didn’t quite fit the description, he told police that he was walking to a friend’s house. He was not arrested, but it was Ortha, he later returned to the scene and gave officers a detailed description of a hat he was looking for. Police found that hat in a flowerbed and arrested Montgomery. He denied being the driver, but back at the police station, Montgomery called a friend and told the story of the pursuit, police said. Get the full story here.

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