Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Close-up image of a young man being punched in the face by his enemy

A Guy Got Beaten Up at a Little Caesars For Calling a Woman Overweight

A 50-year-old guy was getting a pizza at a Little Caesars Pizza in Salinas, California on Sunday night, when he got into an argument with a woman who was also there picking up an order. He told the woman she shouldn’t eat pizza, because she was already overweight. There’s no word on how much she weighed, but it doesn’t really matter, anyone would be offended by that.  So she snapped, and she and her son attacked him.  Her son started punching the guy while she went to her car to get a crowbar. By the time she got back, her son had sufficiently taught the guy a lesson, so they took off.  The guy was taken to the hospital for minor injuries, and the police are still trying to find the mother and her son. Get the full story here.

Man Kidnapped His Neighbor for Being Too Loud

Leon Thurston, 61, is accused of abducting a neighbor after he claimed the woman and her husband were being too loud in their laundry room. Leon entered the laundry room of Jessica Scoville’s home with a black baton and a handgun, hit her husband, David Scoville, with the baton and forced Jessica to leave with him at gunpoint. David Scoville then called police for help. Leon took her to a park and held her there for hours, she asked to use a restroom and was able to get away and find help. Thurston later admitted to taking Jessica, and faces numerous charges, including armed burglary, aggravated battery and kidnapping. Get the full story here.

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