Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Man Calls 911 On a Stuffed Tiger

Connor Zuvich, 19, says he was with friends when one of them dumped bags of trash, including a stuffed orange-and-black striped tiger. They got the idea to strap it to the top of Zuvich’s car. Evidently, the stuffed tiger was realistic enough that it fooled a 911 caller. The caller matter-of-factly told a dispatcher “I just came from Lacamas Lake and there’s a couple of guys in a dark truck. It has a Bengal tiger laying beside it, it was wagging its tail and they were rubbing its side. At first I thought, well it must be a big stuffed animal and then it started moving and it wasn’t stuffed.” He should have gone with his first impulse. When authorities tracked down the tiger, it was, in fact, a stuffed animal. Get more here.

Drunk Man Posed as Police Officer and Attempted to Free his Friend

Police in China released CCTV video of a drunken man posing as an officer in an attempt to secure the release of a friend, who turned out not to be in custody. Officials said the man, who smelled strongly of alcohol, told the Yongxing officers he was looking for one of the suspects arrested in a gambling sting to transport him to another facility. Police were suspicious of the man’s story and he eventually admitted he was posing as an officer in an attempt to have his friend released from custody. The man, who said he learned police procedures when he previously worked as a police assistant, admitted to his deception in court and was jailed for five days. Police said the friend the suspect was attempting to free turned out not to be among those arrested in the sting. Get more here.

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