Stupid Is, Stupid Does


A Woman Attacks Her Neighbor With a Golf Club, For Being a Witch Who Put a Curse on Her

45-year-old Hilary Osborne of Glastonbury, England lives next door to a woman named Lynda Brown, who’s a witch. Lynda teaches witchcraft, hosts pagan drumming sessions, and practices Druidism.  And maybe Hilary would’ve been okay with all of that, if she didn’t think Lynda also cursed her. A few years ago, she says that her walls started talking to her and her life became a living hell. So she retaliated by constantly screaming things like, quote, “Take these curses off me you [effing] witch” and also threatening to burn down Lynda’s house.  But when she threw a golf club at Lynda, that was too much, and the cops finally got involved. Hilary was in court last week, and got a two-year restraining order and a $330 fine. Get the full story here.

Grantsville Man was Breaking Into Homes Naked

23-year-old Dakota Joe Denton entered the home of Karen Johnson around 1:00 AM. She ordered Denton to “get the hell out,” too which he turned around and apologized to Johnson, telling her he was in the wrong house. He entered another house, the female homeowner woke up to Denton standing next to her bed. She states he made some lewd comments and she chased him out. The statement also says she noticed Denton was not making sense and acting “strange.” At one point he tried to put a wallet into the back pocket of his pants – that he did not have on. Denton has been arrested before for trespassing as well as being in the possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. In April he was also charged with lewdness in the presence of a child. Denton was on parole at the time these crimes took place. He is currently in jail waiting to go before a judge, and the prosecutor states he will be asking for a high bond in this case. Get the full story here.

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