Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Woman Threatens to Drown Herself Because Her Husband Won’t Buy Her a Purse, So He Tries to Drown Her

A woman in her 30’s started fighting with her husband last week in eastern China, because he wouldn’t buy her a new purse. So she jumped into a nearby lake and threatened to drown herself. Someone called the cops, and they spent about 20 minutes talking to her.  But she still wouldn’t get out. So they asked her husband to jump in and see if HE could calm her down.  But instead of saving her, he grabbed her by the neck, and tried to drown her. Luckily one of the cops was able to stop him.  Then both of them were taken in for questioning.  It’s not clear if he’s facing charges for it though. Get the full story here.

Pizza Man Uncovers Rooster Fighting Ring While Making a Delivery

Deputies have located a rooster fighting and breeding compound after getting a tip from a pizza deliver driver. The driver delivered the pizza to a home during the middle of a cock fight. “We really appreciate this pizza delivery driver calling us. Frankly, I can’t understand why someone would ask for a pizza delivery during an illegal cock-fight, but are happy to also make house calls. It’s pretty funny when you think about it.” Said Sheriff Grady Judd. Upon further investigation the ring was clearly set up and used for roster fighting. Located in a plastic container that was inside a roster holding pen were several plastic boxing gloves used to train the rosters to fight without injuring themselves. Detectives arrested 38-year-old Eliut Juse Serrano Hernandez charging him with possession of animals for the purpose of fighting or baiting (9 counts), possession of equipment used for fighting or baiting animals (4 counts), and leasing a property for the purpose of fighting or baiting animals (1 count). 123 roosters and chickens were confiscated. Get more here.


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