Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Utah State Trooper Cruiser. Police Car and Trooper. Police Photo Collection.

Utah State Trooper Cruiser. Police Car and Trooper. Police Photo Collection.

Man Has a Heart Attack Trying to Carjack a Woman

Shane Patrick Gormley, 30, got into a chase with Utah Highway Patrol fleeing on a stolen motorcycle. The chase was called off due to safety concerns. Then the same man got into a chase with Clinton police after stealing a car. A trooper went to the apartment of Gormley’s girlfriend to talk to her and saw a parked car still running in the back that he was known to drive. He saw the trooper from the apartment, dived out a window head first and jumped into the car. The trooper tried to prevent Gormley from fleeing, but he jumped out of the car and ran, he unsuccessfully attempted to carjack the driver of a truck and trailer, before jumping into a second vehicle on D Avenue. He jumped into that vehicle on top of the lap of a 53-year-old woman and began to punch and beat her in an attempt to carjack her vehicle. At one point, Gormley tried to drive away while simultaneously pushing the woman out. Gormley put the car in gear and was about to try and run over the trooper when the woman was able to put her car back intopark. The pursuing trooper reached inside the driver’s side door and deployed a Taser on Gormley. Backup troopers helped the woman get out of her car as Gormley continued to struggle with troopers on the driver’s side after they broke the driver’s side window to reach him. A Taser was deployed three more times before police were able to take him into custody. Gormley had managed to wedge his foot under the brake pedal so officers couldn’t pull him out of the car. After he was handcuffed, shackled and taken out of the car, Gormley went into cardiac arrest. Troopers took off the restraints and administered first aid before Gormley was taken to McKay-Dee Hospital Center where he was placed in a medically induced coma. Tests showed he was under the influence of methamphetamine and opiates at the time. Doctors were able to revive him, and an MRI revealed no brain damage. Doctors kept him in a medically induced coma overnight as he came off his drug high. Gormley was on probation and allowed to participate in a work release program, which he had recently abandoned. Get more here.


Berlin Man Breaks Into Restaurant, and Drinks Tabasco, Thinking it was Alcohol

A man is in hot water after allegedly stealing a bicycle, pitching it through a Berlin restaurant window, then entering and quaffing half a bottle of Tabasco sauce, telling authorities he was thirsty. Police spokesman Jens Berger said Tuesday the 34-year-old was intoxicated, but it wasn’t clear why he went for the bottle of Tabasco to quench his thirst. He says the man may have mistaken it for a tiny bottle of liqueur, popular in Germany. Neighbors alerted police overnight after hearing the window smash. The man was arrested inside the restaurant. Berger says after telling police he had broken in because he was thirsty, he said all he wanted to do was sleep, and was given the opportunity in an overnight holding cell. Get more here.


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