Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Homeless Man Who Has ‘Dine-And-Dashed’ At Walt Disney World For 10 Years

A police report states that, Jerry Moody, 51, “preys on the tourist area,” and that he is believed to be homeless. He will go into an upscale, or any, restaurant and order a meal like anyone else. After dining, he will skip out on the check without paying. Last week Moody went to Disney’s Contemporary Resort, one of the deluxe locations on property. He built up a bar tab of $92.65 and actually refused to pay it when asked by the staff of The Wave restaurant. The next night, Moody had gone to Disney’s Polynesian Resort, another deluxe location, and did the same thing. He was arrested by Orange County police deputies, Moody flat out admitted that he has been a Disney dine-and-dasher since back in 2005. Records show that he’s been arrested dozens of times and ignores any trespassing warnings he’s been given. When asked why he ignores those trespass warnings and keeps doing what he is doing, Moody simply said that he “likes to come to Disney.” Get more here.

Man Stabs 2 During Drug Deal, Flees with His Kids in the Car

Jovonie Anthony Cabrera, 24, tried to make a drug deal on Rio Grande Street, according to a Salt Lake County Jail report. Cabrera claimed another man refused to give him $20 worth of Spice and then punched him in the face, the report states. Police say Cabrera responded by stabbing the man in the stomach. Others in the area tried to hold Cabrera until officers arrived and he was punched in the face again. Cabrera responded by stabbing a second man in the stomach, the report states. Both victims were taken to local hospitals in serious condition. Cabrera fled the scene in a black Impala. Two children, ages 5 and 6, were also in the car. Cabrera nearly hit several other vehicles while trying to get away, police said. Salt Lake police stopped Cabrera and arrested him for investigation of two counts of aggravated assault and drug possession. Get more here.


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