Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Woman Drove Through a Train Crossing and Crashed, Twice

Distracted driving is so common now, we try not to get all judgey. But this is ridiculous. A woman in Raleigh, North Carolina smashed through the wooden arm at a train crossing about two weeks ago, even though the warning lights were blinking and the bell was going off. Her name hasn’t been released, and we don’t know how old she is. But she had to swerve so she didn’t get hit by a train, and ended up crashing into a tree. Then this past Sunday, she did it again. The same woman, crashed through the same train crossing, in the same car. Then she got stuck on the tracks. But she managed to get out right before an oncoming train slammed into it. She ended up in the hospital with minor injuries, and there’s a photo of her car that shows the front and back all smashed up. Firefighters said the front-end damage was from the first accident. Luckily no one on the train was hurt, but it ended up being delayed for about two hours.  Get more here.

Drunk Woman Leads Police on Chase and Eats Her T-Shirt

ZyZe McCausland is a stripper from Florida, and she was getting her party on in Key West last week. That’s not what makes her stupid, though, what makes her stupid is that she tried to drive. She ended up driving by a police officer who was leaving a cafe. He noticed she almost hit a car. So he jumped in his cruiser and tried to pull her over. She saw him said “Oh f***!” and took off again, leaving the officer to chase her. She pulled into a parking lot, and tried to wake up her extremely intoxicated passenger, but she couldn’t. So she took off on foot, but was quickly caught. Police say she smelled overwhelmingly of alcohol and was clearly intoxicated. She refused to submit to a breathalyzer, acted belligerent, threatened the officers saying “you’ll be sorry.” Then she asked to for the breathalyzer again, shoved her shirt into her mouth and began chewing it. She was charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest, and felony eluding police at high speed. Get more here.

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