Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Two Guys Break Into a House to Steal a Pile of Cash That Turns Out to Be a Pack of Novelty Tissues

In August, two guys in England broke into a house when they saw a wad of cash sitting on a windowsill.  But it turned out it wasn’t cash . . . it was a pack of novelty tissues made to look like money.  A neighbor saw them break in and called the cops, so now both men are facing more than three years in prison. get the full story here.

A Guy Is Arrested For Trying to Steal the Same Pair of Boots From Walmart Twice

A 49-year-old guy in Florida was busted trying to steal a pair of boots from a Walmart last week.  After he got out of jail, he went back to the same Walmart later in the week . . . and stole the EXACT same pair of boots.  He was caught again, and arrested again. Get the full story here.

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