Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Driver Caught Drunk Driving 3 Different Vehicles

Police say a Pomfret man has been arrested after driving drunk in three vehicles in one night. Police say Dwayne Fenlason, 48, drove his pickup truck off Bunker Hill Road late Sunday night. They say he then went home got a second truck to try to pull his first truck out. Police say he then went off the road in that truck. That’s when, they say he went home again and got his ATV, before being arrested. Get the full story here.

A Bank Robber Is Caught Because His Bag of Cash Is So Heavy, He Can’t Lift It

A 29-year-old man in China recently tried to rob a bank by holding up a security guard who was bringing a bag of cash in from an armored car.  But the bag had $290,000 in it and weighed 180 pounds.  And while he was struggling to lift it onto the back of his motorcycle, another security guard shot him in the leg. Get the full story here.


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