Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Man Dressed as an Elf Arrested for Drunk Driving

Santa may be a man short during the stretch run. It appears the stress of holidays proved too much for one of his helpers, as a man dressed in his bright red elf uniform was found passed out drunk in his car in a Target parking lot in New Jersey on Friday night. Shortly after being awoken from his slumber, car running, music blaring, 23-year-old Brian Chellis was arrested for driving while intoxicated and careless driving .Chellis, who had an open can of beer beside him was also cited for possession of a open alcohol container in a motor vehicle. The young man was sporting an “Elf on the Shelf” costume and seemed confused as to his whereabouts. Get the full story here.

Burglar Raided Neighbours House was Traced Next Door by Footprints

Akin Akinniran, 30, clambered through the window of Mariamma Sesy’s home on November 4 dressed head-to-toe in black and wearing a mask. But Ms Sesy, who lived next door to Akinniran was 
so concerned about security she had set her own homemade burglar trap – a row of bowls filled with water under her kitchen window. Ms Sesy ran into the kitchen and screamed once she heard the bowls smashing as Akinniran climbed through the window. The couple found a six-inch silver knife in the hallway outside and took photos of a set of wet footprints leading to Akinniran’s front door. Last week he was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated burglary. Get the full story here.


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