Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Woman Gets Revenge on Her Cheating Husband by Selling His $100,000 Porsche For $16,000

A woman in Melbourne, Australia just listed her husband’s 2010 Porsche 911 Carrera 997 for $16,000.  But it’s worth at least three times that much. In fact, with its low mileage, it could be worth up to six times that.  But she’s not selling it for profit, she’s selling it for revenge. She listed it for sale after she caught her husband cheating on her after 25 years of marriage, she followed him to his “guys’ poker night” and found out he was really going to a restaurant with a young blonde. She says the Porsche is in her name, so she’s selling it for $16,000, quote, “just enough for a flight [and] accommodations in Europe so I can fondle with all the wealthy European men.” She posted the ad three days ago, and found a buyer almost immediately. Get the full story here

A Guy Falls Through the Ice on a Lake . . . While Firefighters Are Practicing Ice Rescue Drills Nearby

On Saturday, a guy in New York walking across a frozen lake in Central Park around 1:00 in the afternoon fell through the ice. And if no one had seen it happen, he probably would have died.  But luckily, several people did see it, and they happened to be firefighters. It turned out a group of them were doing ice-rescue drills at the same lake, and they were already in their gear. So they were able to get to him in less than three minutes, and an ambulance took him to the hospital, where he was treated for hypothermia. According to a spokesman, they actually saw him walking and tried to warn him that the ice was too thin, but it was too late.  They also say he was incoherent, and may have been drinking. Get the full story here.

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