Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Florida Sheriff’s Office Accidentally Gets a Custom Rug That Says “In Dog We Trust”

A sheriff’s office in Florida got a new custom rug for their headquarters a few weeks ago that featured their badge embroidered on them.  But on the badge, instead of saying, “In God We Trust,” the rug said, “In Dog We Trust.”  The rug was out for three weeks before someone noticed the mistake . . . the company that made the rug is replacing it for free. Get the full story here.

Mom Drove with Her Son on Top of Car

A mother is being charged with child abuse, after police say she drove off with her son on top of her vehicle. The woman told police her son jumped on her vehicle to prevent her from leaving the residence and she drove off, thinking it would scare him. The boy remained on the vehicle as she kept driving through the her apartment complex. The mother said she was attempting to call 911 on her cellphone when she saw a police officer and pulled over to tell the officer the situation. Get the full story here.


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