Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Bulldozes His House While is Wife was Out of Town

48-year-old James Rhein of Middletown, New York believes he’s a good husband.  We know that because he says, quote, “I’m a good husband.”  While his wife was away on Monday James had completely bulldozed their entire house, with all of her stuff still inside.  He didn’t want to wait for a demolition company or a permit, so he rented his own bulldozer and took care of business. James also says that he’s talked with Diane and she’s not mad at him about it anymore  and that everything he destroyed is replaceable.  Quote, “I’m a good husband.  What can I tell you?”He’s been charged with criminal mischief.  Get the full story here.

A Woman Fails a Job Interview, Then Steals the Interviewer’s Purse

26-year-old Jamelia Crawford of San Fernando in Trinidad and Tobago went in for a job interview at a pharmacy last Wednesday and apparently, it went horribly. And then it managed to get even worse when on the way out of the pharmacy, she stole the purse from the woman interviewing her. The police tracked Jamelia down and found her with the purse on Saturday and apparently Trinidad and Tobago’s legal system moves fast, because she’s already been convicted of theft. She was given $350 in fines and compensation the judge told her she has to get a job to pay that money or she’ll go to jail.  Maybe her job hunt should start somewhere other than the pharmacy? Get the full story here.

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