Stupid Is, Stupid Does

An Elderly Couple Gets Into a Massive Brawl… Then Can’t Remember Why They Were Fighting 

Last Saturday, a couple in Florida who are both in their 80s beat each other up.  And apparently the wife was the aggressor, because she got arrested for it.  But the charges might not stick, because they’re so old that when the police asked them what happened, neither of them could remember . . . and couldn’t even recall what the fight was ABOUT. Get the full story here.

Two Guys Robbing Ice Shacks Are Caught When Their Car Falls Through the Ice on a Frozen Lake 

A 20-year-old guy and 24-year-old guy from Wisconsin were driving around a lake on Monday, stealing stuff from people’s ice fishing shacks.  BUT . . . their car wound up cracking the ice, and they sank.  They got out safely, and confessed to stealing a bunch of stuff . . . so they’re facing burglary charges.  The car belonged to the 24-year-old’s girlfriend . . . and wasn’t insured. Get the full story here.


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