Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Weird, Expensive, and Hardly Romantic Proposal…

A guy in China spent $82,000 to buy 99 iPhone 6s this past weekend, arranged them in a heart shape, and proposed to his girlfriend inside the heart.  Why iPhones? And why 99 of them? What is she going to do with 99 iPhones? How is that romantic? We’re confused, and apparently so was she… she said no. Get the full story here.

My Kind of Grocery Shoppin’!

Police arrested a woman at a  grocery store Monday morning after she reportedly downed a bottle of wine and stuffed handfuls of pie in her mouth while wandering the aisles, according to reports. An employee asked her to leave,& unfazed, the woman finished off the bottle and picked up a blueberry pie from the store’s bakery section. Get the full story here.

feature image by weibo

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