Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Two Guys Cover Up a Drunk Driving Accident by Pouring Water on the Street to Make It Look Icy

20-year-old Brian Byers of Sparta, New Jersey was driving drunk on Friday night, and crashed his car.  So he called his friend, 20-year-old Alexander Zambenedetti. And even though Alexander was ALSO drunk, they came up with a plan to cover it up.  Alexander drove to the scene with two five-gallon buckets of water, and they dumped it on the street, to make the road ICY.  So Brian could say his car skidded on the ice. But there were two problems.  One, it was so cold out that the guys did too good a job making the road icy, and actually made it really dangerous for other drivers.  And two, a cop happened to drive by and catch them in the act. Brian was charged with driving while intoxicated, careless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to report an accident, and disorderly conduct.  Alexander was charged with driving while intoxicated and careless driving. And the city had to dump half a ton of salt onto the road to make it safe for other drivers. Get the full story here.

Salt Lake City Woman in Custody After Stealing a Cement Truck

Monday afternoon, a Police officer was stopped at the light at 3300 South and West Temple when she noticed the chevy truck dragging a cement mixer.  “Our officer didn’t have any information that the truck was stolen. She just saw a truck pulling a cement mixer on its side and as it’s swaying back and forth, cause it’s not on its wheels, the officer was trying to stop her obviously to protect the public.” The officer caught up with the driver and attempted a traffic stop, but the woman behind the wheel, 32-year-old Dana Gagnier, took off and tried to get on I-15 north at 3300 South. That’s when she lost control and rolled the truck. “She got out, was kind of walking around for a minute,” police said. “The officer was trying to get the suspect to comply and then she took off running south bound from the accident scene over to the Motel 6.” Officers found Gagnier in one of the motel rooms. They also found her jacket with the keys to the stolen truck inside one of the dumpsters at the motel. Gagnier was wanted on several warrants including felony fraud and misdemeanors for possession of a control substance. For this event she’ll likely be charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and fleeing from police. Get the full story here.

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