Thanks Matchback!

A new clothing company named Matchback just sent me some of their items. I love what they’re doing!

The concept is when you buy MatchBack’s premier graphic tee & hat bundle for a youth in need, they’ll send you the same bundle of awesomeness free! In the package, was a letter from their founder, and his words really hit me.

Growing up with a speech impediment, having the “right” clothes was a big part of my identity that gave me confidence. I know the same can be said for most teens. MatchBack’s goal is to promote the self-confidence of disadvantaged youth through these small luxuries that would otherwise be out of reach.

– Aaron Podell, CEO + Founder of

I get that! We all just want to fit in, don’t we? There’s just four steps if you’re interested:

  1. Sign Up and become a matchback-er
  2. Your account is matched with a youth in need
  3. They collaborate with trending companies to develop exclusive shirt and hat bundles not available anywhere else
  4. Every month a new limited-edition bundle is shipped to you and your matched youth.

It’s pretty cool!

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