The Five Worst Movies of the Year

The pandemic decimated the box office this year . . . maybe permanently.  But even though most of the blockbusters have been pushed back, some movies DID get released.

“Entertainment Weekly” put out lists of the 10 best and the five worst .

The five they panned are:  Director Robert Zemeckis’ new adaptation of “The Witches” . . . the Ben Affleck / Anne Hathaway flick “The Last Thing He Wanted” . . . the Jon Stewart movie “Irresistible” with Steve Carell . . .

The Ron Howard movie “Hillbilly Elegy” with Glenn Close . . . and “Capone”, which stars Tom Hardy.

Their favorites might not be as recognizable as they would be in a normal year . . . but they do include the Pixar movie “Soul”, the Jane Austen movie “Emma”, and they gave the #1 spot to “Nomadland”, a drama starring Frances McDormand.

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