The Museum of Ice Cream Is About to Open in New York

Book me a flight to NYC! Man, it’s about time they made a museum for something I’m interested in. Who cares about “art” or “natural history”?

The Museum of Ice Cream is opening in New York City at the end of the month.

It’s going to feature all sorts of crazy exhibits . . . including a giant pool of sprinkles you can dive into, and a tool that finds the perfect ice cream flavor for you.

wtf ice cream crazy fan playing with ice cream ice cream kid

                                                 This kid is my spirit animal

There will also be lots of ice cream flavors you can try, which is included in the admission price.

And it should be, because it’s $18 to get in.

The museum is going to be open through the end of August. After that, the creators are thinking about taking it to other cities or looking for a permanent space for it.

ice cream food porn food dessert

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