Thieves Break Into a Car… and Accidentally Save a Dog Trapped Inside

It’s hard to call a group of guys breaking into a car and stealing stuff “good news,” but there’s a twist.

Four guys smashed a car window in Chicago last week. Then they grabbed a laptop from inside and ran off.

But here’s what they didn’t know. The person who owned the car had left their German shepherd inside, because apparently they’re one of those idiots who still hasn’t heard that it’s cruel and lethal to do that to your dog in the summer.

And if the thieves hadn’t broken the window, the dog would’ve died, because the owner didn’t get back to the car for an hour. But thanks to the heroic robbery, the dog survived.

The police haven’t commented on the robbery. It’s possible that the person who owned the car didn’t report it… but even if they did, I say we just give these guys a pass and let them keep the laptop, they earned it.


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