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Baltimore Governor Larry Hogan Declares State of Emergency

The Gov. signed an executive order Monday declaring a state of emergency and activating the National Guard after police officers were injured and fires were set throughout the city.”Today, we’re dealing with stopping the violence and protecting the people,” Hogan said Tuesday morning. “Our plan is to bring enough people in here to make sure the fires don’t get started again.” Freddie Gray’s family publicly condemned the riots:


Freddie Gray, 25, died Sunday of what his family’s attorney said was a severed spine that allegedly occurred after he was arrested on a weapons charge in Baltimore on April 12. The Department of Justice on Tuesday opened an investigation into Gray’s arrest and death. The arrest was recorded on cellphone video, which shows Gray being pinned to the ground and then bundled into a police van while seemingly not being able to fully use his legs. He is heard screaming in pain on the video.


A mother in Baltimore caught her son, whom she suspected of rioting, and went after him. She sent him home on live TV. People are calling her Mother of the Year. Here’s the video:


West Valley City Police Department Duckling Rescue Caught on Body Cam

A mother duck was frantically circling a storm drain near 3700 W. Parkway Blvd. and the detectives stopped to see what was the matter. Det. Chow and Det. Arnold said they found eight little duckling had fallen into the drain. Officials said the two detectives squeezed themselves inside the storm drain, scooped up the lucky ducks and reunited the little ones with their mom.


Whooping Cough Shows Up in Utah County High School

Utah County health officials and the Nebo School District are warning families about one confirmed case of pertussis in a Salem Hills High School student. “We knew of one confirmed case and two that had direct contact,” said Lana Hiskey, spokeswoman for the Nebo School District. “We prepared letters with Utah County health officials and waited for that information to come back. They came back negative. The majority of our students are immunized,” said Hiskey. “However, those children who are exempt from immunizations, it would be important to keep them home for a period of time.” Hiskey said this is not an outbreak. However, the district is prepared in case officials receive other confirmed cases of pertussis. “We will get information out to parents immediately,” said Hiskey.


A teacher in Washington state helped prevent what could have been a deadly school shooting when he tackled and restrained the suspect. Police responded Monday morning to reports of a shooter inside North Thurston High School. When they arrived, a 16-year-old suspect had already been detained by teacher Brady Olson.


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