WATCH | Fan’s Ridiculous Tribute to Camilla Cabello

Dear Camila Cabello,

Girl… Run. Because this fan’s tribute song is a little too obsessive (and that never ends well).

Camila’s potential new stalker is named Evan Blum (though “Jewish Justin Bieber” appears to be another adorable moniker [see vid]) and he loves Cabello so much, he wrote a chill reggae ballad about her… for another woman.

Blum’s video starts as a conversation with his girlfriend about how much he likes her, even going so far as to reveal that he wrote a song for her. However, the song doesn’t mention baby girl’s name one time and, instead, he just dotes about how Camila Cabello is everything.

No matter how awkward and uncomfortable it is, I guess it’s kind of sweet. If my dog wrote a song about how she loved me as much as she loves drinking out of the toilet, I’d be honored.

Check out the video below (Pro Tip: Skip right to the song and the creepy Cabello image inserts by skipping to 0:52)

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