Weekly Blend (5.16.23)

Weekly Blend


This Week with Jon & Chantel: A Voyage from Star Trek to Mother’s Day 🌌🌹

Hello, Mix 105.1 family! It’s time to dive into another week of laughter, tears, surprises, and top-tier tunes. But first, see what Jon and Chantel have been stirring up on their Morning Show this week!

A Symphony of Joy: First-time Hearing Experience ¬†🎧

Our first stop is a heartwarming tale that’ll make your day brighter than a new Top 40 hit. In “Good News: A Little Girl Hears for the First Time,” we share the emotional journey of a tiny tot hearing the world’s symphony for the first time. We dare you not to shed a tear or two!

Mother’s Day Delicacies: Feast for the Queens 🍽️ 👑

Next, we’re serving a buffet of love for all the mothers out there. In our special “Good Eats for Mother’s Day” feature, we dish out the best local spots for a royal Mother’s Day feast. Because nothing says “I love you, Mom” like a plateful of deliciousness!

The Price of Paradise: Vacation or Vexation? 🏖️ 🤔

Ever thought a vacation wasn’t worth the stress? You’re not alone. Jon and Chantel explored this in “It’s Not Worth the Vacation.” Unpacked suitcases, lost passports, and misplaced sunblock? Sometimes staying home is good, after all!

Mother’s Day Mayhem: When Good Intentions Go Hilariously Wrong 🌸😅

We’re no strangers to things not going as planned, especially when treating our moms. In “Mother’s Day Fails,” we share some laugh-out-loud tales of Mother’s Day mishaps that’ll make you feel better about that burnt breakfast in bed.

Star-Crossed Lovers: A Trek to Remember 🚀 🌟

If you think your love life has challenges, check out “2nd Date Update: I Love Star Trek“. This hilarious segment explores what happens when a passion for Star Trek boldly goes where no first date has existed.

That’s a wrap for this week’s recap, folks! Tune into Jon and Chantel’s Morning Show for more laughs, life lessons, and a love for music. Keep the dial locked on Mix 105.1 – your station for the hits that matter! 🎵📻

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Mix 105.1’s Weekly 🎵🔥 Melodies, Mirth, and More!

Get ready for another epic ride on the Mix 105.1 Express! 🚀 We’ve got some hot goss, brain-tickling trivia, and all the beats that make your heart skip right here. Fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a wild ride! 🎢

Alicia Keys: Not All About the Benjamins 🎁 💰

Starting with a bang, our homegirl¬†Alicia Keys¬†proved once again that she’s not just about the moolah! She gracefully declined a $500k gift, reminding us that the thought counts…and in some cases, the thoughts that don’t count! 😉

Dylan’s Daily Dilemma 🤔🧩

Our man Dylan is back, stumping us all with his question of the day. Sharpen those brain cells and chime in. 

Blink-182 Swaps Punk Rock for Pop? 🎤

Did we step into a parallel universe?¬†Blink-182¬†covering Taylor Swift? That’s right! They’ve flipped the script and belted out a rockin’ rendition of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Check it out; it’s Swift with a side of punk! 🤘

Queen B Rocks The Renaissance Tour 🌟

All hail Queen B!¬†Beyonce¬†shook the stage (and our hearts) with her phenomenal ‘Just Wanna Rock’ performance at The Renaissance Tour. Spoiler: She owned it, just like everything else in life! 👑

Quick Flicks for Gamers on the Go 🎮

We’ve got you for those who prefer console quests to the outdoors! Here are¬†15 video games¬†you can beat in less time than it takes to watch Titanic. Gaming glory awaits! 🏆

Utah’s Bursting with Pride 🌈

Utah, we see you, and we love your vibes! The¬†Utah Pride¬†celebrations were a blast, showing us all how to love out loud and proud. Keep shining, Utah! 🎉

The Billion-Dollar Ballad 💸 🎤

Lastly, let’s talk big numbers, like billion-dollar big! From¬†Beyonce to Elton John, these superstars sure know how to pull in a crowd…and a hefty paycheck. Now, if only we could get a cut of those concert cash-ins! 💭💭

There you have it, Mix 105.1 fans! Another week of music magic and madcap adventures. Remember to keep it locked on Mix 105.1 for all the tunes that make your toes tap and your heart happy. Until next week, keep it loud and keep it proud! 🎵🔥🔊

And remember, in the sage words of Alicia Keys, it’s not all about the Benjamins… but if anyone wants to send us a $500k gift, we’re not too proud to accept! 😂💰💸

Signing off, Your Mix 105.1 fam 📻❤️️

📻 Your Weekly Radio Recap: From Top Tunes to Sports News 🎵🏀

Howdy, radio rebels! It’s time for your weekly entertainment and sports updates from your favorite stations. So buckle up as we dive into a cornucopia of music, sports, and even a touch of lakeside tranquility.¬†

🎧 A Symphony of Sounds and Stories¬†

Over at¬†925 The Beat, they’ve been swimming in a sea of tunes. Firstly, they curated a list of the¬†best 50 Cent songs, proving that the artist’s legacy is as rich as his name suggests. 💰🎶 But that’s not all! They’ve also compiled a dreamy list of¬†top English RnB love songs, perfect for a slow dance under the moonlight.¬†

The station also celebrated Mother’s Day in style, with Killer Mike releasing¬†two new videos, ensuring that the day was filled with more than just breakfast in bed. 🥞🎥

And who’s leading the pack in the world of concerts? Well, they’ve got the scoop on the¬†top-grossing concert tours, where Beyonce and Elton John are just a few heavy hitters. 💰🎤

Meanwhile,¬†Kool SLC¬†has been basking in nostalgia, highlighting the memorable ways¬†Curtis Mayfield’s music¬†has found new life through Kanye West’s samples. 🎵 They also dove into the deep end with¬†unforgettable renditions of The Beach Boys’ hits, demonstrating that good vibrations live on. 🏖️🎸

On the¬†X96¬†side of the spectrum, we’ve got a double dose of music history. Original members of Frankie Goes to Hollywood reunited after a whopping¬†36 years. Talk about a blast from the past! ⏳🎸 They also curated a list of the¬†best songs from The Cure, reminding us that love cats are indeed forever. 🖤🐱

1007 Bob FM¬†has been painting the town purple with a compilation of the¬†best Prince songs, taking us on a trip through the eclectic world of the Purple One. 💜🎵

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