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1/25 Choose the News

Justin’s Story:

McDonald’s Is About to Give Away 10,000 Bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce

McDonald’s Big Mac Special Sauce is basically just Thousand Island dressing, sugar, and chemicals.  But man, those chemicals are delicious.And now, you can actually have a bottle of the stuff at home.  McDonald’s is launching a new giveaway today where 10,000 of us will get our very own bottle of SPECIAL SAUCE.

They haven’t released any details yet, so check out to find out how to get yours.

Chantel’s Story:

Twinkies Ice Cream Is Now in Stores

Remember when Twinkies almost went extinct a few years ago?  Well they ROARED back, and now they’re shape-shifting.

Hostess just rolled out brand new TWINKIES ICE CREAM.  And they also made flavors based on Ding Dongs, Sno Balls, and those cupcakes that have cream in the middle and a squiggly white line of frosting on top.

The ice creams are on sale at Dollar General stores and apparently some other random convenience stores around the country through May.  Good luck tracking them down.

Jon’s Story:

Say Goodbye to the Zion Curtain

What exactly is the “Zion Curtain”? It’s a 7 foot barrier that prevents people at a restaurant from seeing alcoholic drinks being mixed.  New House Majority Leader, Brad Wilson plans on introducing a bill that would update Utah’s Liquor Laws, including the removal of the Zion Curtain!

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