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Choose the news 4/19/18

Starburst is launching its own clothing line featuring pink denim jackets, pink t-shirts and other pink clothing. The jackets will sell for $140 while the t-shirts will sell for $25.


How Do You Multitask While You Eat Dinner?


You’d have to think there aren’t many people who just sit at a table, alone, in silence, eating dinner every night.  It’s 2018.  We’re ALWAYS multitasking.



A new survey asked people what OTHER things they normally do while they eat dinner.  And people could give more than one answer.  Here’s what it found . . .



1.  Watch TV or movies, 55%.


2.  Talk to the people they’re eating with, 45%.


3.  Listen to music, 15%.


4.  Read, 13%.


5.  Check social media, 12%.


6.  NOTHING, they just eat in silence, 7%.


7.  Shop online, 5%.


8.  Work, 4%.

Bear Locks Self In Car

: Boulder County, Colorado Sheriff’s were recently called out to release a black bear that had gotten locked inside a parked car. One sheriff opened the car’s hatch before another aimed his gun at the bear in case it attacked. The giant beast took off running into the woods.

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