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Choose the news 02/15/18

New Ben & Jerry’s Flavor

Metro UK claims Ben & Jerry’s has launched a new flavor called Birthday Cake. It contains vanilla cake batter ice cream, pink frosting, strawberry swirls and cake pieces. Ben & Jerry’s created the new flavor in honor of their 40th anniversary later this year.


Here’s How Much Money It Takes to Be Happy . . . and How Much It Takes to Feel Like Your Life Is Successful

Good news:  You don’t have to get SUPER RICH to feel like you’re successful.  You don’t even have to make six figures.

A new study out of Purdue University in Indiana found that people are the happiest when they make between $60,000 and $75,000 a year.  That lines up with what other studies have also found in the past.

But these researchers took it further, and they wanted to see how much money it took for people to feel MORE than happy . . . they looked at when people felt like they’d achieved their financial goals and they were SUCCESSFUL.

And the answer is . . . about $95,000 a year.

They found that when people made more than that, it actually made them LESS satisfied . . . because they started wanting nicer things that they really couldn’t afford and would compare themselves to richer people.


The Ten States That Complained Most About Being Single on Valentine’s Day

  If you were single for Valentine’s Day this year, did you complain about it to anyone?  Or did you just eat your pint of ice cream in the dark and call it a day?

Someone looked at geotagged Twitter data from the last month to figure out which states COMPLAINED the most about being single on Valentine’s Day.

And people in the northeast either didn’t care as much, or stayed quiet about it.  Because most of the top ten states are in the western half of the U.S.  And not a single state in the northeast cracked the top ten . . .

1.  Utah.

2.  Texas.

3.  Nevada.

4.  Alaska.

5.  Idaho.

6.  Iowa.

7.  Hawaii.

8.  Louisiana.

9.  Arkansas.

10.  Oklahoma.  The states that complained the least include most of the northeast, plus Oregon, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Kansas, and North Carolina.

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