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Ikea Is Running a Magazine Ad That Works as a Pregnancy Test

So this is a thing that exists now.  Ikea just started running an ad for a crib in a women’s magazine in Sweden that’s also a PREGNANCY TEST.

So you can tear out the ad, pee on it, and then it’ll tell you if you’re pregnant.

And if you are, a new, lower price for the crib will appear on the page.  So you can bring in the ad . . . holding it with gloves, maybe . . . and get that discount.  There’s no word if they’re going to run this ad here in America.


A Few Months of Face Yoga Can Make You Look Three Years Younger

  An old video for a ’90s workout called “Facercise” went viral a few years ago.  It was supposed to make you look younger, and everyone thought it was dumb.  But it looks like some of the stuff in there might actually work.

A study at Northwestern University found certain “face yoga” exercises can build up your face muscles.  And after about five months, the average woman who did them regularly looked almost THREE YEARS younger.

Here are two exercises to try.  But they’re just the simplified versions.  The full versions are a little too complicated to learn without actually watching someone do them . . .

1.  The Cheek Lifter.  Make an “O” shape with your mouth, so your top lip is folded over your front teeth.  Then smile with the corners of your mouth over and over again.

2.  The Eyebrow Lifter.  Put three fingertips from each hand directly under your eyebrows, and push up to force your eyes open.  Then smile while pushing your eyebrows down against your fingers . . . hold for 20 seconds . . . and do it three times.

One important note is you can’t overdo it, or it can have the opposite effect and cause wrinkles.  The people in the study did a bunch of different exercises 30 minutes a day for the first two months.  Then every OTHER day after that.  (Chicago Tribune)


A Woman Fires Two Shots at Her Husband When He’s on the Toilet to Make Him “Listen”

Well, I’ll say this:  I’m pretty sure this woman accomplished her goal of getting her husband to start listening to her.

A guy in Goodyear, Arizona was sitting on the toilet back on December 30th when suddenly, his 69-year-old wife Linda Jean Fahn busted into the bathroom and FIRED two shots in his direction.

They both hit the wall about seven inches above his head.  The police say he was slouched on the toilet, and that’s a good thing, or else the shots would’ve been a lot closer.

He called the cops.  When they got there, Linda admitted to firing the shots at the wall, and she said she did it, quote, “to make him listen to me.”

She was arrested for aggravated assault.  Linda and her husband have been married for 32 years.

(ABC 15 – Phoenix

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